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Friday, January 21, 2005

Headline of the day

Bush Begins New Term, Vows to End Tyranny (AP)

That's good news. Oh. Not here.

Never mind.

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Both sides of the coin

Some, I know, have questioned the global appeal of liberty- though this time in history, four decades defined by the swiftest advance of freedom ever seen, is an odd time for doubt. Americans, of all people, should never be surprised by the power of our ideals.
-George W. Bush, second inaugural address, Jan. 20, 2005

Despotism has so often been established in the name of liberty that experience should warn us to judge parties by their practices rather than their preachings.
-Raymond Aron, The Opium of the Intellectuals

(Thanks to The Sanity Inspector on alt.quotations)

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

This is just too easy.

Madame Secretary

Go ahead. Make up your own.

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Quote of the day

The office of the president is such a bastardized thing, half royalty and half democracy, that nobody knows whether to genuflect or spit.
-Jimmy Breslin

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Oh, swell

"CHICAGO (Reuters) - Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc., whose share price has collapsed as it faces a federal accounting probe and shareholder lawsuits, on Tuesday replaced its chairman and chief executive with a restructuring expert who currently runs Enron Corp."

Enron? Great. Now when you go into Krispy Kreme and order a box of doughnut holes, you'll get a box full of air. Well, they're holes, right?

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Good ol' Tom

You don't hear about Tom Hanks running around nights. You don't hear about Tom Hanks stealing. You don't read about Tom Hanks in The National Enquirer. That's what I like about Tom- he never gets caught.
-Jack Nicholson

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Graffiti of the day

Dyslexics have more fnu.
(thanks to Roo-Barb on alt.quotations)

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I don't understand...

...the "civic pride" that cities have in their sports teams. Professional athletes are just mercenaries, and to tie a community's image and self-esteem to groups who peddle their services to the highest bidders seems to be a rather bizarre way to promote the value of a town.

The priorities are skewed. Soon, minimum wage workers won't be able to get to their jobs on nights and weekends because the public transportation system is woefully underfunded.

But that same transportation system has no trouble putting on extra routes and drivers to ferry people to two sports stadiums built with public funds- and against the public's will- for the benefit of its millionaire owners.

Sports "heroes" are inspirational? I'm far more impressed by the woman waiting for a bus in the dark cold of a Sunday morning to take her to her job cleaning hospital rooms, or the medical student on the ramen noodle diet to the library.

Too bad the library's not open on Sunday. No money.

In the immortal words of that great humanitarian, Art Modell: "The pride and presence of a professional football team is far more important than 30 libraries."

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

One for my mom...

Sometimes I'm charmed by the fact that there are women with whom you can discuss the molecular theory of light all evening, and at the end they will ask you what is your birth sign.
-Roman Polanski

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A GW compilation

Bush is like McDonald's: pre-packaged, filled with empty calories and controlled by corporate interests.
-Paul Begala

In the Clinton administration, we worried the President would open his zipper. In the Bush administration, we worry the President will open his mouth.
-James Carville

Bush is like Reagan and Quayle had a kid.
-Will Durst

This is a guy who could not find oil in Texas.
-Al Franken

He has achieved the unusual feat of being simultaneously sinister and ridiculous.
-Roy Hattersly

Bush is unusually incurious, abnormally unintelligent, amazingly inarticulate, fantastically uncultured, extraordinarily uneducated, and apparently quite proud of all these things.
-Christopher Hitchens

Bush has surrounded himself with smart people the way a hole surrounds itself with a doughnut.
-Dennis Miller

The mentally retarded are treated equally in Texas. Some are executed, some are elected.

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