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I Love DCL

This is an archive of my DCL Dialogue columns which appeared in DEC Professional (later renamed Digital Age) magazine from March, 1987 through December, 1995.

Thanks to a nameless intellectual property attorney who was seated next to me on a flight from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, all rights to DCL Dialogue reverted to me when Digital Age folded in the 90s. (Broadway and film options are still available. Have your people call my people.)

A couple notes:

These are the text files I submitted to the magazine for publication, so there may be slight differences between what you find here and what actually appeared in print. While I was rarely edited (bless you Linda, Karen, and Lou), there may have been some changes to accommodate space and formatting restrictions.

The link descriptions may differ from the actual titles of the columns. Since most people come here looking for DCL code, that's what's highlighted.

I've tried to remove all outdated addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses- yes, we had them, even back in the '80s- but I may have missed a few. For the most part I have strongly resisted the urge to edit out speculations and predictions which turned out wrong, sometimes spectacularly so. I hope you find them as entertaining as I do.


April, 1999 - DCL Dialogue Online Arrives

DEC Professional/Digital Age columns:

THE WHOLE ENCHILADA - All the columns in one zip archive

December 1995 DECterm trick; hasta la vista
November 1995 DEC screws up; file spec clarification
October 1995 KGB predicts rise of NT
September 1995 First look at VMS 6.2
August 1995 DCL refresher
July 1995 Unholy marriage: VMS & NT
June 1995 1-line DCL leap year calculator
May 1995 DCL mailbox creation
April 1995 DCL retirement calculator
March 1995
February 1995 Alpha paging with Kermit
January 1995
December 1994 Stupid DCL; Ehud's UNIX sim for VMS
November 1994 Shaggy VAX stories
October 1994 Queue stuff; time tracker
September 1994 SYS$PROZAC command file; Robovax fix
August 1994 Batch queue stopper
July 1994 DCL screensaver; DCL arcana
June 1994 Robovax fix;; Internet rants
May 1994 Altering VMS directory displays
April 1994 Rampage review
March 1994 Robovax revisited (see fixes above)
February 1994 Stupid DCL tricks
January 1994 All about Kermit
December 1993 Incredible DEC incompetence
November 1993 Miscellany
October 1993 Miscellany
September 1993 DCLFast
August 1993 Internet access
July 1993 MS-DOS 6.0, VMS 6.0, batch watchers
June 1993 Wayne Sewell's alien name generator
May 1993 "@" security issues
April 1993 Process creation with loginout.exe
March 1993 AXP, Pathworks, safety
February 1993 $entry, tape backups
January 1993 DCL oldies
December 1992 User Definable Keys
November 1992 Backup recommendations
October 1992 Miscellany
September 1992 Primitive DCL pager
August 1992 An Automated Noodge
July 1992 Standalone backup
June 1992 File version limits
May 1992 Process id command file
April 1992 Security; terminal lock
March 1992 The accursed purge_middle appears
February 1992 Stupid DCL Tricks
January 1992 DCL Chainsaw Massacre
December 1991 Even More Stupid DCL Tricks
November 1991 Fast Eddy and the Time Machine
October 1991 VMS Pentothal
September 1991 Compiled DCL
August 1991 The Return of Stupid DCL Tricks
July 1991 DCL: The Musical
June 1991 Wired Again
May 1991 Wired
April 1991 Is DCL a Programming Language?
March 1991 Noir for the Faint Hearted
February 1991 Teleportation for Fun and Profit
January 1991 Things They Never Told You About DCL
December 1990 The original RoboVAX column
November 1990 Bulldogging DECwindows
October 1990 DSNlink
September 1990 DCL Noir
August 1990 Hacking by the Numbers
July 1990 DCL Trivia
June 1990 DCL on the Edge of Forever
May 1990 No column
April 1990 My Skull is Thick
March 1990 Bread Crumb Synchronization
February 1990 What To Do Before The Lights Go Out
January 1990 No column
December 1989 Syntactical Dissonance
November 1989 Graphical Interfaces
October 1989 No column
September 1989 Raiders of the Global Symbols
August 1989 Cold Fusion and DCL (DCL performance)
July 1989 DCL Tic-Tac-Toe
June 1989 No column
May 1989 An EXIT Exegesis
April 1989 Brushing up on Lexicals
March 1989 DEC's Dastardly DCL Plot
February 1989 Of Wizards and Daemons
January 1989 Networks, Defaults and Diesels
December 1988 More Stupid DCL Tricks
November 1988 The Famous DCL Trojan Column
October 1988 No column
September 1988 Feelings of Inadequacy
August 1988 DCL futures; info on VMS 5.0
July 1988 First Appearance of Stupid DCL Tricks
June 1988 No column
May 1988 The Five-Oh Defense
April 1988 No column
March 1987 Cookies for the Masses
February 1988 Cannibalism for Fun and Profit
January 1988 An Enhanced Purge
December 1987 DCL Stocking Stuffers
November 1987 Captive command procedures
October 1987 Using the "@" command
September 1987 No column
August 1987; DCLDiet
July 1987 UIC utility
June 1987 Stacks revisited
May 1987 Reader observations
April 1987 THE April Fools column
March 1987 DCL terminal manipulation


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