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KGB Report
A curmudgeon's look at business and technology
by Kevin G. Barkes

"A breezy writing style and a cool mix of tidbits."-USA Today

June 14, 2000: Oh My God! They Killed Library!
May 22, 2000: Summer Meltdown 2000
May 1, 2000: MS Breakup; Goodbye Phil Katz
April 21, 2000: Cable Modem Blues; Patent Stupidity
January 29, 2000: Security? What Security?
January 13, 2000: How NSI made me a child pornographer
January 6, 2000: Y2K-A-Rama
November 8, 1999: Animal Exploitation
November 1, 1999: Supermodel Egg Hoax
October 25, 1999: Cookie Crumbs
September 27, 1999: Earth Sucking Cataclysm
September 13, 1999: The Big Computer Scam
August 30, 1999: What Were They Thinking?
August 16, 1999: W2K, GPS & Other Non-Events
August 9, 1999: A Shocking Story
August 2, 1999: Conspiracies
July 26, 1999: Immunocation
July 19, 1999: The Good Ol' Days
July 12, 1999: Ramblings
July 5, 1999: Cruel and Unusual Packaging
June 28, 1999: Patron Saint of the Net
June Week 3, 1999: That Thing You Do
June Week 1, 1999: Punt or Reboot?
May Week 4, 1999: The Real Phantom Menace
April Week 4, 1999: Just Say No
April Week 3, 1999: Pamela Lee Overexposed
April Week 2, 1999: Bright Lights, Dim Bulbs
April Week 1, 1999: Change is Good. You Go First.


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