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Friday, January 17, 2003


By doing just a little every day, you can gradually let the task totally overwhelm you.~Unknown

In an effort to get things back to normal after last week's illness and laptop crash, I've been systematically budgeting one-hour time slices in order to catch up with everything that I need to do.

This approach would be ideal if there were 32 hours in a day. Since there aren't, I've been falling behind a day every day this week.

About the only thing I've managed to keep current is the daily National Temperature Index. The other major accomplishment was the arrival and installation in my cube at the office of the Time Machine (click here and scroll down one article), which afforded me with the opportunity to invite co-workers into my cube to "watch my balls drop".

I'm planning on spending the weekend getting everything working. Check back on Monday.

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Monday, January 13, 2003

Apologies to Connected; Curses to Microsoft

The Weekend Disaster which eventually resulted in the total reinstallation of Windows and a disk reformat could have been a lot worse.

Turns out I couldn't get into Connected's data centers via the net because of some arcane Windows configuration problem which screwed up various network settings.

The HTTP (web) thingie was working, but that was it. Mail, ftp, all other protocols were about as communicative as Dubya.

I looked up my problem on Microsoft's web site. The solution was to reinstall the operating system, which I did. The machine booted, displayed the Windows logo, then immediately went into irreversible black screen of death mode.

I eventually had to reinstall everything, and this is where Connected really came through. Once I was able to log on to the backup service, I transferred nearly 14,000 files (a little over two gigabytes) in about four hours. Another four hours reinstalling software from setup directories restored to the D: drive, an hour finding license keys, and the old laptop had about 90% of its functionality restored. No critical data was lost.

That was after the four hours I spent downloading and installing all the service packs and updates for the operating system, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. Thank God I have a broadband connection to the net. With a dial-up line it would have taken days to restore everything. It's enough to make you buy a herd of sheep and move to Montana. Wait... now I'm starting to think like Microsoft. Move to Montana first, then buy the sheep.

On the plus side, the machine runs much faster now. I've eliminated tons of dead directories and files that were hanging around from bad installs, and cut the number of running processes by about 30%, with a commensurate increase in free memory.

Truth be told, it's a good idea to reinstall Windows every year or so to clean out the gunk and correct the things that are out of whack.

Ah, wouldn't that be a great way to deal with things:

What's wrong, sir?

My computer is out of whack.

Lucky for you sir, we have a special on whack today. You can get a two-CD set of whack for only fifty bucks.

Yeah, but I'll bet you that fifty that the CD is copy-protected.

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